Friday 12 July, 2019

In the middle of a narrative about Jacob we get a small aside about Esau. Esau is reeling from loosing his fathers blessing but has heard that Jacob has been told not to marry Canaanite women rather marry a relative on his mothers side. Possibly Esau is trying to win back some favour and so goes and marries another wife from his fathers side of the family.

The expression ‘too little to late’ comes to mind for Esau, though what also comes to mind is my ability to also quickly cast off my God given gifts and position in His family. How many times have I not walked in, lived out or taken hold of the authority and inheritance He has given to me through my faith in Jesus? (Gal 4:6). I can be quick to dismiss Esau but I think I maybe more like him than I realise.

Father forgive me for all times I have not lived in or stepped up to the life, inheritance & blessing that you have freely given to me through my faith in Jesus. I pray that I would be a better steward of the inheritance You have so freely given to me.

Written be Suzie Hodgson

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