Thursday 19 December, 2019

Here is God’s marvelous plan of redemption becoming reality! Fulfilling prophesy and bringing the long promised reconciliation with God, the birth of His Son is announced.

The God of relationship once again is working through people to bring about his plan. I realised how incredible it was that God worked his plan through a young woman in Nazareth. Mary’s response especially in verses 46-56 shows she felt it was an incredible promise too. God has always been acting through people to bring about his purposes and he still is today, working through those who love him. This is God’s character, to have relationship with us, for us to know him. What a privilege!

Mary’s humble response to learning her world was about to completely change is always inspiring! Mary’s heart was full of obedience and humility at the call of God on her life. What is my response when God calls me?

Dear Lord Jesus, you are in control of my future. Your call on my life may take me somewhere unexpected, but as you are in control, help me to respond like Mary, in gratitude, and humility.


Written by Claire Moore

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