Day 3 (26 Feb 2020) – What drives your life?

I took a deep breath and asked the question…

“What do you observe to be the driving force of my life to be. Be honest – I can take it” 

I wasn’t sure if I could take it but I asked anyway – of my family, three work colleagues, and three close mates. I was hoping for a single, definitive, elegant answer but apprehensive that a flaw in my character would be revealed or that one group would be wildly different to another group – thus revealing I am different person in different situations. (Why do I do this to myself???)

The results? Actually, not too bad. They all said basically the same thing – God and family. These are the two driving forces in my life. Phew! Here’s two quick observations that I discovered…

  1. My work colleagues said “family” before God. They observed that my family was a bigger driving force in my life than God was. He’s definitely there – just not #1. Ok – I have some work to do. (See Luke 14:26)
  2. My perception of what drives me (selfishness, fear, anxiety and stress, pride, feelings of inferiority, sin, money, fear of not having money) are actually NOT driving me. The Holy Spirit is working in my life as I cast these struggles at the cross and plead with Him for help. It’s actually working! My feelings are wrong – the evidence is in – God is doing something in my life!

I encourage you to try it – ask the question of those closest to you “what is the driving force of my life?” The answers may surprise you. 

Written by Boudy Van Noppen

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  1. Warwick says:

    “Envy and Jealousy” are powerful forces, causing us to pursue things which satisfy our needs for love, for connection, for possessions, for self esteem etc.. The verse today calls these things meaningless, in other words we won’t find meaning and purpose in them – which is true. We will never be satisfied if we pursue things out of jealousy or envy. To establish a better driving force, we should first seek to know the source by which all our needs can be satisfied and move forward in total security (trust) in that source, which is God alone.

  2. Kerrie says:

    Thanks Boudy! Such a brave thing to do, to ask your workmates this question.
    So interesting to wonder how different groups of people we have in our lives may perceive us.
    Casting aside envy and jealousy (and as a leader, guiding others at work to do so as well) is key to knowing God’s purpose.
    He doesn’t want us comparing ourselves with others.

  3. Sue says:

    As I reflect on this scripture and your wonderful thoughts and question.
    Do I really believe that God will provide for me?
    Do I really believe that no matter what crosses my path His love and His care stand strong? That all things work together for good…
    So many questions arise in my heart – but I need to find fresh rest in Him. Fresh rest in trust. Fresh rest in Knowing Him the lover of my soul.

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