Day 8 (2 Mar 2020) – Planned for God’s pleasure

1) Revelation 4:11 (American KJV); 2) Psalm 149:4a (GNT)

1) You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for you have created all things, and for your pleasure they are and were created. 2) The Lord takes pleasure in his people.

What an incredible thought!  That God would take pleasure in me, an imperfect sinful person.  All too often I see my faults, they loom larger than my redeeming features, at least in my mind.  But God “takes pleasure” in me.  He must see redeeming features, He must see my reliance on Him for His grace to bring maturity, for His grace to empower ministry, for His grace to bring life and wisdom!

So I have applied God’s Word to retrain my brain, renewing my mind and the image of God within my mind that so often before was filled with a scowl of displeasure for no apparent reason on His face, to one where He has a kind and benevolent smile which breaks into rapturous encouragement in the light of His eyes toward me at those times I have brought particular pleasure to Him.  Yes, there are times the scowl is well and truly deserved, but His default position toward me is one of “Pleasure”.

How do you picture God’s default position toward you?  Perhaps meditating on the verses above and the “Pleasure” He feels toward you will help you move forward.

Father, may you enable us to have a correct view of you and experience the transforming truth that You ‘take pleasure in your people’.

Written by Ps. Richard Botta

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  1. Jane Keong says:

    This is so good: Richard I love your description of God’s smile towards us the pleasure and delight He has in us. Such a reminder that God is for me even in the midst of my failings and shortcomings. In the safety and security of his heart toward me I can face those things. In vulnerability deep connection grows. How good to walk into today knowing I can and do bring God pleasure.

  2. Betty-Joy Petschack says:

    Thank you Richard for encouraging us to retrain our brains so we automatically think of God’s face taking pleasure in us. He delights in us – mere mortals! … and we in return bring pleasure to Him through our worship in every day life. It’s not just a Sunday thing but I worship God through all my thoughts and actions every day!

  3. Sam S says:

    Great post Ps Richard. Answering your question is a good test of the health of my self perception and my personal theology – “How do you picture God’s default position toward you?” Hopefully as ‘God is pleased’, like you describe. Perhaps the modern language equivalent of “God’s pleasure in his people” is ‘God is proud of us’ – like a proud parent; the positive sense of the word ‘proud’.

  4. Stella Ng says:

    Thanks Richard for the great question.
    The default position of God in my picture whenever I close my eyes, is God with his open arms and having his i-knew-you-would-come-to-me expression on his face.
    When I read the book of day 8 I had struggled to digest the concept of God creating me for his pleasure and enjoyment. Often I asked myself who I am, I can only define myself based on my birth, my upbrings, my family, my education, my achievements, my failures etc. I was born in a small town of Shanghai and brought up in a strong socialism background family. Nothing in my childhood was that I could think of God or know his existence. In my late teens I really believed there was a God( though I didn’t know him) in the sky far beyond the clouds looking at me and smiling at me whenever I had thoughts or wanted to do something that my family or friends had no ideas what I was thinking.
    Now I have known God and found him for almost 23 years. I know He loves me and never stopped smiling at me even when I didn’t know him. He knew that one day I would come back to him.
    I know that I will continue to discover who I am as days by until I finish my life on earth. I know that every day I live is for his glory and every day I have is to live to be more like him… who I am is no longer defined by my past but by my creator who created me in his imagination and purpose.

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