Day 10 (4 Mar 2020) – The heart of worship

Romans 6:13b (GNT)

…give yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life, and surrender your whole being to him to be used for righteous purposes.

To find the purpose God has for my life requires me to meet the challenges laid out in this verse (Rom 6:13b).

Firstly giving myself to God. I understand this to mean willingly and obediently, without compulsion, trusting God with my everything. He has been speaking to me that I should be honouring him much more, putting him in the prime place in my life.

Secondly surrendering my whole being to God. My whole being? That would seem to include my emotions, my desires, my reputation. Surrendering isn’t a popular idea but I don’t understand Paul to mean some sort of defeat or giving up. As Rick Warren points out it is in fact an intense battle to overcome our natural inclination to be in charge. So intense we are to work on it every day (Luke 9:23).

Mary the virgin girl is such a beautiful example of surrender and shows me how this is the way to unlock God’s purpose for me – to be used for righteous purposes. Mary’s surrender of “her whole being” meant of her body, her future, her social position. By her surrender she moved into a relationship of trust with God, and was used for his righteous purposes to bring his Son into the world. There’s no way it was going to be easy, and it must have broken Mary’s heart to ultimately see her son killed.

My challenge of surrender is to trust God. I want to make the decisions, to plot the course of my life. Instead I reflect on what God has already done in my life and by the Holy Spirit I see clearly how much I can trust him. I feel a bit like a ship, constantly turning to stay on the course with God as the captain and navigator.

Thank you Jesus that in surrendering I am saved not defeated. Please bring about your purposes in my life. Amen

Written by Claire Moore

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  1. Florence Farjandi says:

    Thank you dear Lord Jesus Christ ‘ i never forget what you down for me on the cross ‘i praise you and worshipping you as my God ‘ amen

  2. Sam S says:

    “…trusting God with my everything…” – surrendering everything, to then gain it all! You describe this challenge well!

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