Day 14 (8 Mar 2020) – When God seems distant

We live in a world where we desire things to happen straight away, in the here and now. How many times do we get frustrated when Netflix won’t download straight away, or we have to wait 3-5 days for our online shopping to arrive? Our sense of satisfaction in things can be so dependent on our own timing and desired outworking.     

As I reflect on the mysteries of God, my mind is opened to how large He is. Our human minds can’t really fully comprehend His grandeur and sovereignty, and therefore it can be hard to see how He is working in our lives when things don’t pan out ‘our way’. But in thinking about Isaiah 8, Isaiah can’t see God clearly yet his trust and faith in God is strong. It can be easier to trust God when He’s working the way we want, but when His timing doesn’t align with ours, that’s when we need our hope and trust in Him to rise.

Lord God, I thank You that even when I don’t see it, You’re working. Please help me to stay focussed on you today. Give me the eyes to see what You’re doing in my life, and an increase in faith in You no matter what my circumstances look like. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.   

Written by Ps. Laura Samperi

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  1. Deborah says:

    Thanks so much Laura. I was pondering this recently – that even when I don’t know what He is doing in those “in-between” times, I can still celebrate what I know to be true about Him. I journalled this: “Lord Jesus, you are magnificent, matchless, timeless, beyond the comprehension of the created. I cannot fathom the enormity of your omnipotence.. yet I can taste Your wonder to the measure of my humble capacity. And even this widens my eyes and fills my heart with awe. Thank-you abba, that I get to taste Your goodness. Thank-you for holding me through it all.”

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