Day 26 (20 Mar 2020) – Growing through temptation

Temptations and trials, they are part of our human existence. We all have them but rather them being situations that make life difficult for us or at best annoying, James 1:12 tells us that enduring them will ultimately give us life.

As a young Christian I knew exactly what my temptations were and I didn’t always succeed in resisting or overcoming them.  Looking back now I can see that as I persisted in hanging onto Jesus, choosing to stay connected to Him, His word & His people, refining came, and through that process the temptations diminished and new life took over. In the process of persisting and enduring I know my thinking, speech and actions have all become more Christ centred, and continue to do so, as I grow in likeness to Him.

Temptations and trails grow us in one of two ways. They will either grow us in our dependence on Jesus with His grace to endure and the freedom that comes or they will grow us away from Jesus putting a wedge in our relationship with Him, they won’t lead to life but continued bondage & separation.  I choose freedom.

Lord Jesus, today I pray for continued endurance, that I will never give up on the life that you have promised me and the freedom you bring.  This is a scary prayer I know, but continue to refine me.  Amen

Written by Suzie Hodgson

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  1. Florence Farjandi says:

    Dear Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your words. It’s my soul food and i understand how much you love your children.
    And I understand this hard time in the world happened. It’s for some good reason.

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