Day 35 (29 Mar 2020) – God’s power in your weakness

It is counter-cultural to think that we are not meant to show ourselves in the very best light. People ‘tweak’ their CV’s to make things look possibly better than they are, we hide our weaknesses and showcase our strengths, we applaud confidence and good self image. Yet in Christ, in ministry we are called to service and obedience – not a life trying to impress the Boss. We have to separate ourselves from thinking like the world. If we are to live honestly in Christ, then the ministry we are called to may be only part of a plan – just as Paul planted the seed, Apollo watered but God grew it in the early church.

So many times I have felt called to do things in my faith, I felt I was not ‘strong’ enough to do (insert faith filled/bible verse savvy/prayer warrior etc.). The beauty is I don’t have to be any or all of these things. My weaknesses require me to be honest, open and willing before God. He will do the rest. And the strength of this will be the testimony of God at work because I know it isn’t me. We are all called to play our own unique part – a part that God has for us, not one we create for ourselves.

Heavenly Father thank you for the life you have chosen for me. Help me to be honest about my strengths and weaknesses. Use them all for your Glory. I give my self to you. Use me in the name of Jesus. Amen

Written by Christine Knight

2 replies
  1. Sue says:

    Thank you Christine.
    One of your greatest strengths is that you are real.
    I have loved this about you, my dear friend and frontier woman.

  2. Claire Moore says:

    Being part of the plan – what a privilege and a reassurance – I don’t have to be able to do it all. He takes what I have as he created me and brings about good works. How’s my willingness?

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