Tuesday 14 April, 2020

V 18 msg:  “God has broken through to the other nations, opened them up to Life!”

God always prepares us.  I think of Peter a devout Jew and then born again through Christ, however still culturally Jewish.  He would have held mindsets and traditions of people and animals that were “unclean” to him.  Traditions going back centuries that would have separated him from sharing the gospel with everyone.

God prepares Peter with a vision.  God prepares Cornelius with an angel.  The two come together after a 54 kilometre journey (Joppa to Caesarea) and the Holy Spirit falls on them all.  He had barely spoken a few words and this powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit in their lives brings these unknown people together, now as “God’s family” – brothers and sisters.

God loves the cultures and the people of this world.  He wants us to be willing to get out of our comfort zones and reach EVERYONE. 

I have prayed for years for the people of Iran.  Having lived there as a child, I now see in our church answers to my prayers.  We have 60+ Iranian believers in our church and the privilege of journeying life with them.  So my prayer is that our church would look like heaven – we would have one from every nation of the world.

Lord help each of us not to look at what divides us or what is different about us, but help us to embrace you and one another in the midst of our journeys.  Help us to reach out to others no matter where they come from on the earth.  Give us your heart of love and peace.

Written by Ps. Sue Botta

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