Sunday 16 August, 2020

Here, we have a great warrior in David, serving his King with courage and boldness. And we have this King, King Saul, plotting in jealous envy and with evil intent to destroy this courageous young warrior. 

And we have Michal, Saul’s daughter – saying one thing to David, her husband (“escape or they’ll kill you”) and another thing to Saul her father (“David threatened me, so I let him go”). 

I’ve got hung up so many times on vs 9. But Michal sheds new light on this story. Everyone has heard the cultural proverb, “what walks in fathers runs in sons (and daughters)”. Here, Michals deception gives me insight into what walked in her father, Saul, and possibly led to his twisted and distressing approach to being King. 

Evil does not start with the murderous intent towards David. It starts with the lack of integrity which says – in order to preserve my life and relationship, I will say what is safe, rather than what is true. This self and other deception is a slippery slope. 

The challenge for me is this – don’t just look for the big flaws in me. Be sensitive to the little things I do that lack integrity. These are the slippery slopes that can lead to much more distressing (and evil) fruit if left unchecked before the Lord. 

Lord, help me walk in integrity in the little things, for it is the little things that building into big things in this life. Amen. 

Written by Ps. Rob Waugh

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