Tuesday 1 September, 2020

What does the world tell us? Take revenge, and rejoice when evil befalls your enemies. What does David do in this passage? Writes a lament for his enemy and proclaims that it should be widely sung in Israel, because he honours the Lord’s anointed. He also, of course, grieves for his dear friend Jonathan.

Misfortune towards our enemy is not a cause for us to rejoice, it is misfortune. God is calling us to have a different attitude to the world. One marked by love. In places overseas where there is physical persecution the common prayer asked for by the persecuted is that they can still react with love, not hatred towards their enemy. While we may not suffer the same sort of persecution in Australia, we are called to the same behaviour.

Lord, let me honour those whom you have put in power, and let my life be marked by love, not hatred or revenge.

Written by Megan Cornell

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