Sunday 1 November, 2020

Psalm 26

Of David. 1 Vindicate me, Lord, for I have led a blameless life; I have trusted in the Lord and have not faltered. 2 Test me, Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind; 3 for I have always been mindful of your unfailing love and have lived in reliance on your faithfulness. 4 I do not sit with the deceitful, nor do I associate with hypocrites. 5 I abhor the assembly of evildoers and refuse to sit with the wicked. 6 I wash my hands in innocence, and go about your altar, Lord, 7 proclaiming aloud your praise and telling of all your wonderful deeds. 8 Lord, I love the house where you live, the place where your glory dwells. 9 Do not take away my soul along with sinners, my life with those who are bloodthirsty, 10 in whose hands are wicked schemes, whose right hands are full of bribes. 11 I lead a blameless life; deliver me and be merciful to me. 12 My feet stand on level ground; in the great congregation I will praise the Lord.

What a blessing it is to have a clean conscience before God! I can rest easy in whatever situation I am in because the God of the universe can look at me and I can stand.

Is this ever possible? Is it ever possible for me to stand in the presence of a holy and perfect God?

I believe it is, but not because I am perfect, but because God is full of grace and forgiveness. Jesus has paid the price for my sin and wrongdoing, I can let God search my heart, and if the Spirit of God shows me an offence or sin I was unaware of, I can confess this to God.

Lord, it is wonderful to be able to stand in your presence, search my heart and show me any offensive way in me. I want to have a clear conscience before you.

Written by Andrew Mellor

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