Wednesday 4 November, 2020

The voice of the Lord is so present and powerful in this Psalm, seven times it is spoken of.  Being over and thundering, powerful, majestic, breaking, striking with lightning, shaking the earth, twisting and striping … it’s a gigantic picture of God in all his glory being enthroned and King over it all. 

Yes, God’s voice can be in all these things, and yet, we can hear His voice still and small, the story of Elijah comes to mind (1Kings 19) and the gentle whisper.  I have heard God’s voice (not audibly) both in the powerfulness of nature and in the inner whisper … the thread that runs through is when we do hear his voice, it will give us strength and will bring peace v11.  Hearing his voice can change us in a moment, give direction and reassurance, calm our minds or bring peace to a tumultuous year. One thing is for sure, God is in control and over it all.  Perhaps take some time to hear His voice today and let it strengthen you and bring you peace.

Father, we come today, let us hear your voice, we give you all the Glory!


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