Tuesday 16 March, 2021 – Dare to Share…

Acts 8:34-35 (TPT)

34 The Ethiopian asked Philip, “Please, can you tell me who the prophet is speaking of? Is it himself or another man?” 35 Philip started with this passage and shared with him the wonderful message of Jesus.

I see a moment in eternity – a sacred and joyous reunion. Philip the evangelist reunited with the Ethiopian Eunuch. They embrace for a time but when Philip looks up, he sees a mass of people; a nation, standing behind this tall, dignified man. 

“Who are all these people?” Philip asks.

“My friend” the man says with tears streaming down his face, “all these are yours. Because you told me about Jesus and helped me believe, these people also believed. They are your glory – your reward!” (See 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20)

I wonder who will be in eternity with Jesus because I shared the gospel with them and they shared the gospel with someone else?

There are two types of people in this passage. And identifying them will help you and I achieve just that…

1. The “Can you tell me…” people.  I need to find the “can you tell me people”.  They are everywhere.  Jesus said so.  They may not be where I expect and they may be struggling or lost or in pain or in need.  But they are asking. And they are longing for someone they can ask the question “can you tell me…”

2. The “Philip…shared the wonderful message…” person.  Am I that person?  Am I ready to share the message of Jesus at a moment’s notice – like Philip was?  Have I practiced and tested my words and made it familiar?  Have I sought coaching and training from wise others to up-skill myself?  Have I asked God for a love for the “can you tell me” people that aches so badly- to see them saved and loved and embraced by Jesus?

Will I be the one that will embrace a grateful soul one day in eternity, then see a multitude of others standing behind them? Lord, equip me today to share your message – whatever it takes – I’ll do it. Let my heart break for those who are lost. And all your “can you tell me…” people, please send them to me. Give me the opportunity to tell them about Jesus.  Amen

Written by Boudy Van Noppen

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