Monday 13 September, 2021

What I love must about today’s passage is that it just shows how much God likes to “blow apart” the order and categories that I like to put around things.

God is teaching me that He makes order out of chaos, but His version of order, is almost infinitely complex.

Melchizedek in this passage is just an example. He is this super mysterious character who shows up at the time of Abraham, who seems to be a prophet and a priest and a king, all at once. He is also a foreigner, but Abraham effectively honours and worships him by paying him a tithe. This seems very weird, until I realise that Melchizedek is actually a type of Christ, pointing Abraham forward in time to when Jesus would arrive and be the true and ultimate prophet/priest/king.

Lord, thank you that you are kind to me, but in your love, you want me to expand my horizon and understanding of you. Help me to cope with having my understanding of who you are bent and blown out of shape from time to time!

Written by Ps Justin Ware 

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