Sunday 19 September, 2021

This passage of Scripture explains the shortfalls of the Levitical priesthood and the much awaited introduction of a new, perfect priest for all time – Jesus.  It was also the beginning of people relating to God more intimately by a new agreement called the New Covenant.

A priest is essentially a bridge to God and Jesus was and is our perfect and permanent priest.  How fortunate are we to be able to confidently draw near to God through Jesus!  This was not always the case under the law or old covenant arrangements where relating to God was done indirectly by a priest at a distance.  It was not a personal or intimate relationship with God like new testament believers or Christians today experience.  God has also declared that Jesus is a forever priest so we can be sure that our relationship with our Heavenly Father is secure into the future and eternity.  The perfect life of Jesus has made this possible as he is both priest and sacrifice. A truth we forever need to be grateful for.

Dear Lord, thank you for sending Jesus as our perfect and permanent priest for all time.  Thank you that I can have a personal relationship with you because of this.  Amen

Written by Ps. Ainslie Woods

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