Wednesday 26 January, 2022

God knew that life would have many challenges.  I look at the changes in the world in my lifetime and I am amazed.  Whoever would have thought we could “mail” messages with instant replies, rather than by post taking weeks each way.  Whoever would have thought we would be able to talk to family around the world and see them with Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc…  rather than use a telephone where just our voices were heard.

All these technologies are wonderful, however have opened up “doors” for evil to also pervade our homes.

This passage challenges two areas:  the love of money (greed) and what we watch or read.

As I reflect on this the words come to me: “Be on your guard”.  All of us need to live with a “heightened aerial” to the Holy Spirit and His guidance.  This aerial should “filter” what we focus on, spend our time on, spend our money on, what we watch, what we read, etc.  I remind myself continually that one day I will give an account of life – I will stand before Jesus. 

1 Peter 5 v 7-10 gives us the way to respond.

Lord Jesus, there are times that living in this world is hard.  There is suffering and challenges.  Help us Lord to live for you in every area of our lives.  Help us to hit the “refresh” button on our lives with the Fear of God being front and centre.  Thank you for your love and care because you know what is best for us.  In Jesus name, Amen

Written by Ps. Sue Botta

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