Sunday 20 February, 2022

This passage is not meant for me.
For years I’ve claimed this passage, particularly verses 28-30, as my own – one of my favourites. But it’s not intended for me. It’s not intended for people who are already Christians – already set free from their past and their sin and are following Jesus as His disciples. Jesus was not speaking to His disciples – He was speaking to “the crowd.” (See Matthew 11:7 – where this conversation began)

This passage is a call to those who are currently stuck in darkness, loaded down helplessly with a burden of sin and guilt and separation from God that they just can’t shift no matter what they do. It is for those who are weary from striving to be good enough for God’s heaven and know they haven’t made it and can’t make it. This is a loving call to those who’s lives are broken and to the broken hearted.

This is the wonderful ‘swap’ of the gospel! The amazing and incomprehensible exchange – that Jesus takes my burden of sin and guilt and separation and darkness and puts it ALL on Himself. And in exchange He gives me His rest. He takes the death that I deserve for my rebellion against God and pays for it on the cross and in exchange gives me His eternal life.

He simply asks us to come.

The best way to do that is simply to talk to him…

God, I’m sorry for my rebellious life. I don’t want to live that way anymore.  Thanks, Jesus, for taking all my burdens and my death onto yourself when you died on the cross.  Jesus, I come to You now. To learn from You how I am to live, to receive rest for my soul and the eternal life You offer.  I know these things can be found in no one else.   Amen

Written by Boudy VanNoppen

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