Monday 28 March 2022

Can you imagine being one of the Jewish people in the crowd, seeing Jesus ride into Jerusalem on a donkey? You would know the cultural and historical significance of what he was doing. He was fulfilling an ancient prophesy that Zechariah had spoken some 500 years earlier to indicate the actions of their coming king. No wonder the crowd was excited and praising him – something great was about to happen.

Jesus would also know the significance of this event.  

Yet before it happened, he found an opportunity to include his disciples. He gave them details about the donkey and what to say. He spoke to them and then they went. I see this as taking steps of faith and curiosity to see what would happen. And it happened exactly as he had said. How assuring is that.

So, whether it be a 500+ year old prophesy, or words spoken to you directly by Jesus, or a sense we have when we read His word or someone speaks a God-given word over us – it is more than information. Rather, it is an invitation to bear witness and participate in what God is about to do.

How cool is that. Thank you, Lord!

Written by Gab Martin

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