Wednesday 27 April 2022

Matthew 27:62-66 (NIV)

62 The next day, the one after Preparation Day, the chief priests and the Pharisees went to Pilate. 63 “Sir,” they said, “we remember that while he was still alive that deceiver said, ‘After three days I will rise again.’ 64 So give the order for the tomb to be made secure until the third day. Otherwise, his disciples may come and steal the body and tell the people that he has been raised from the dead. This last deception will be worse than the first.” 65 “Take a guard,” Pilate answered. “Go, make the tomb as secure as you know how.” 66 So they went and made the tomb secure by putting a seal on the stone and posting the guard.

Why would it ever surprise me that the world has its agenda to suppress and deny God? And that there are those in the world who will go to extremes to do this. The men in this passage did not hesitate to use their relationship which those in authority to try and suppress Jesus even when they had killed him. Even in all this God was there and they sadly did not understand his power.

They thought the disciples might ‘fake’ a resurrection because perhaps that is what they might have done in those circumstances. But actually, the extra security at the tomb amplifies and adds validation to the resurrection. Their guards left no room for doubt that something supernatural was about to take place. I have confidence that in God’s economy nothing is ever wasted. And I see it here where the world’s attempt to suppress Jesus ended up adding to the proof of his resurrection.

So do not be discouraged if you are experiencing push back for your faith – remember that God can use even the most deliberate opposition for His glory. 

Father, thank you that you always Love and care for me and for the church of believers. Help me to see your hand at work when I am discouraged and help me to have the faith to know that you are there, and you act mightily, even when I can’t see or feel it. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Written by Christine Knight

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  1. Richard says:

    Chris – great thoughts

    I am taken with the use of the term deceiver in this passage (other versions say imposter and liar). Deceiver is a term usually reserved for the devil and best describes the web of lies and deceit he uses to ensnare people in sin and godlessness. In a day and age when ‘truth’ is traded and ‘your truth’ and ‘my truth’ are phrases we hear with some regularity giving rise to the validation of virtually any and all opinion we do well to recognise that ‘the Truth’ is here called the deceiver. Yet we should not be surprised for how else do you counter truth but to call it a lie or that’s good for you but…

    John 14:6 reminds us that Jesus is the Truth – which is not only about what He said but also about the way He lived. We do well to emulate His life and follow His Words as truth so as we can live in His power and light. We do well to remember there is objective truth and His Name is Jesus. We do well to seek to follow Jesus in His truth that others may be set free by this same truth. We also do well not to weaponise truth remembering that Jesus was full of both grace and truth and His grace preceded His truth suggesting that truth can only be truly experienced if brought through the means of grace.

    Father help me be a person of truth.

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