Friday 29 April 2022

Jesus had risen! The angel had rolled back the stone so all could see an empty tomb. The women were afraid but exuberant and worshipped. Meanwhile, the soldiers ran off and reported to the chief priests. The chief priests and elders devised bribery, deception, and spin to hide the truth. Jesus had risen!

So many responses to one event that changed human history. The focus of this passage is the length of the deception the chief priests were willing to go to, to hide from the truth of who Jesus is.

I have been reminded while thinking on this passage that we all possess the tendency to do this … hide from the truth. We may not go as far as devising elaborate deceptions, but we can certainly want to hide. The unfortunate thing is, if the Chief Priests had embraced the truth of Jesus’s resurrection, it would have brought them incredible freedom.

Especially at Easter, Lord I pray that we may all embrace the truth of the resurrection of Jesus afresh in our lives today.

Written by Suzie Hodgson

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