Tuesday 12 July 2022

Psalm 89:1-37

1 I will sing of the LORD’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations. 2 I will declare that your love stands firm forever, that you have established your faithfulness in heaven itself. 3 You said, “I have made a covenant with my chosen one, I have sworn to David my servant, 4 ‘I will establish your line forever and make your throne firm through all generations.’ ” 5 The heavens praise your wonders, LORD, your faithfulness too, in the assembly of the holy ones. 6 For who in the skies above can compare with the LORD? Who is like the LORD among the heavenly beings? 7 In the council of the holy ones God is greatly feared; he is more awesome than all who surround him. 8 Who is like you, LORD God Almighty? You, LORD, are mighty, and your faithfulness surrounds you. 9 You rule over the surging sea; when its waves mount up, you still them. 10 You crushed Rahab like one of the slain; with your strong arm you scattered your enemies. 11 The heavens are yours, and yours also the earth; you founded the world and all that is in it. 12 You created the north and the south; Tabor and Hermon sing for joy at your name. 13 Your arm is endowed with power; your hand is strong, your right hand exalted. 14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you. 15 Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, LORD. 16 They rejoice in your name all day long; they celebrate your righteousness. 17 For you are their glory and strength, and by your favor you exalt our horn. 18 Indeed, our shield belongs to the LORD, our king to the Holy One of Israel. 19 Once you spoke in a vision, to your faithful people you said: “I have bestowed strength on a warrior; I have raised up a young man from among the people. 20 I have found David my servant; with my sacred oil I have anointed him. 21 My hand will sustain him; surely my arm will strengthen him. 22 The enemy will not get the better of him; the wicked will not oppress him. 23 I will crush his foes before him and strike down his adversaries. 24 My faithful love will be with him, and through my name his horn will be exalted. 25 I will set his hand over the sea, his right hand over the rivers. 26 He will call out to me, ‘You are my Father, my God, the Rock my Savior.’ 27 And I will appoint him to be my firstborn, the most exalted of the kings of the earth. 28 I will maintain my love to him forever, and my covenant with him will never fail. 29 I will establish his line forever, his throne as long as the heavens endure. 30 “If his sons forsake my law and do not follow my statutes, 31 if they violate my decrees and fail to keep my commands, 32 I will punish their sin with the rod, their iniquity with flogging; 33 but I will not take my love from him, nor will I ever betray my faithfulness. 34 I will not violate my covenant or alter what my lips have uttered. 35 Once for all, I have sworn by my holiness— and I will not lie to David— 36 that his line will continue forever and his throne endure before me like the sun; 37 it will be established forever like the moon, the faithful witness in the sky.”

Growing in love is a journey. Not only with people but also God. Depending on your life experiences, you may feel uncertain or even anxious when it comes to experiencing love which may make it hard to understand how the psalmist could say things like “I could sing of your love forever” (cue Delirious/Hillsong song) or “your love stands firm forever” (v2).

Instead, like Whitney’s song, we might ask, “how will I know if he really loves me?” Maybe we’ve experienced love given or withdrawn based on our behaviours or accomplishments? So, we go searching for it. We search for love that is constant, kind, steady, strong and settled. We need love that is unfailing and unchanging.

The very love that we are searching for is the very love that Father God offers us. Not as the world does but as he does. He wants us to experience the same love he offered to David and his family line: even if they do the wrong thing…. “I will not remove my love from them” (v30-33).

It takes faith to leave behind poor human experiences of love and to step towards this type of love Father God offers us. He wants us to discover the depth, height and width of his love towards us. He wants us to experience his love in a way that is deep and meaningful.

Then like the psalmist who declares the goodness of God’s great love, we too can testify to God’s love to us. Who knows, you may start singing “You’ve been so so good to me” or “Your love has set me free” or even “You make my heart sing!”

Father God, I am thankful that you know my story and my journey of love. I thankyou that your love searched for me and found me. That your love holds me and leads me. Because of you I can sing “once I was broken but you loved my whole heart through”. 

Written by Gab Martin

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  1. Sam S says:

    Confirmed, God is an arm wrestler: “Your arm is endowed with power; your hand is strong, your right hand exalted.” (verse 13)


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