Monday 29 August 2022

Jesus was, and still is, a controversial figure. This passage occurs just after he raised Lazarus from death – a huge miracle – and one to which people needed to respond. It prompted many to believe that Jesus was the Messiah. It prompted others to report Him to the Pharisees, and it threatened the power structure of the ruling Jewish council, prompting them to decide to arrest and kill Jesus. Three very different responses to what was originally a very positive occurrence.

Think about people’s reactions to Jesus today. Some hear and believe in him. Some tattle and scoff. But maybe more are threatened by him than are willing to admit it. Think of nations who rigorously persecute Christians. Think of new atheists who don’t just want to ignore Christianity but want to stamp out any semblance of faith. Why do some people feel so threatened by Jesus? Maybe because, like the high council, he threatens our power structure. Our natural selves want autonomy. We want to rule ourselves, oversee our own lives, feed our self-importance. Jesus asks us to surrender to him – to be living sacrifices and to trust him with our lives.

So, I ask myself – in what parts of my life do I try to take back control from Him? What do I need to surrender afresh? Where do I need to trust him more?

Lord Jesus, I’m sorry for the times when I haven’t fully trusted you. I’m sorry for inflating my importance. Jesus, I surrender afresh to you today. Please show me where I withheld parts of my life from you. I ask you to be Lord over all of my life today.

Written by Megan Cornell

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  1. Kim Fleming says:

    Thanks for that insight Megan. May we continued to proclaim the truth despite what the leading rulers of our day tell us.

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