Wednesday 31 August 2022

This passage is about the aftermath of Lazarus being raised from the dead and Jesus entering Jerusalem. Word had spread Lazarus was alive! Both locals and those coming for the festival of Passover were going to see Lazarus for themselves and hailed Jesus as the possible coming Messiah. All except some Pharisees who wanted them both dead.

Crowds can be fickle. I’m wondering where I would be in the crowd. Would I be a friend and believer, would I be ‘just looking’ or would I be part of the Pharisee mob not liking the popularity of Jesus and seeing him as a threat? Regardless, Jesus knew where he was headed, he knew his purpose and goal. He fulfils scripture and enters Jerusalem.

This passage has challenged me, how do I respond to miracles today? Am I a sceptic, critical even, or do I praise God for his grace, goodness and kindness for the supernatural taking place, rejoicing and telling others so that they might believe? Or perhaps worse yet, being ‘ho-hum’ not really engaging in the joy or being astounded at what has taken place?

Lord Jesus, may I never become cynical of your grace toward us or doubt your hand in miracles occurring. Lord, I thank you and praise you that miracles of healing, transformation and restoration are constantly occurring today. Amen

Written by Suzie Hodgson

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  1. Richard says:

    Thanks Suzie

    There are two differing thoughts I have as I read this passage. The first is the envy and jealousy that is on display from the Pharisees. I find myself wondering what happens when the status quo of authority or power is challenged, what happens for me. Do I come out swinging, jealous or do I react differently. I have no doubt that jealousy is one of my reactions and more commonly than I like. The priests go so far in their jealousy as to think about murder, wow jealousy can get extreme!!

    My other thought is the power of hindsight. I am taken with the fact that the disciples didn’t put 2 & 2 together about the coming Messiah and the colt of a donkey until after Jesus was glorified.

    This gives me more than a little encouragement about the disciples and the Bible. The disciples were normal people, and it is heartening that they are portrayed that way. And the Bible is not all niceness and light here it records how the disciples didn’t get it! How this encourages me that it is real and presents the reality of life not some sanitised version of life for religious purposes.

    Father, thank You that You encourage me to be real not run an Instagram A reel only for others to see but the reality that is me. Yet Lord where that reel shows my sinfulness please show that to me quickly that I may repent and look to You for transformation.

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