Monday 24 October 2022

How long, Lord? This Psalm shows the timelessness of humanity and our interactions with God. Just think, this was written thousands of years ago yet our cry is the same today. Unjust leaders and nations still prevail, people still think there is no God or a God who is not present or caring, that consequences or judgement for sin and wrongdoing do not exist. Christians are still persecuted for their faith.

I love that this psalm also shows us the long patience of God. His long care for his creation. Our writer wants all the ‘wicked’ judged and destroyed pretty much immediately, I know that I have wanted that for injustice and those who commit horrendous atrocities to others and have struggled to understand why God doesn’t ‘take them out’. But God does not want any to perish without opportunity to change and turn to Him, so there is hope and certainty in this psalm while we wait for His action. He will not forget us. He supports us. He brings us joy and comfort. He is our fortress and rock. He is our refuge. His love for us is unfailing.  When the darkness of the world seems too much, He is there, bringing light and comfort, Jesus is present.

Lord, thank you for your continued mercy toward our world, I have no doubt that your judgement will one day come. Lord thank you for your patience with me, I was once with the ‘wicked’ but your continued patience gave me time to change and believe in Jesus. I pray for those I know, who do not have relationship with Jesus, that they too would have time to change and believe before your judgement comes.

Written by Suzie Hodgson

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  1. Sue Botta says:

    How long Lord? Such a great question from our yearning hearts. Give us strength Lord to keep going, stay focused on You and keep loving.

    Amen sister

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