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Day 42 (5 Apr 2020) – The people pleaser trap

I am completely qualified to comment on this subject. If there is a Master’s Degree in people pleasing I would be the lecturer!  Living for other people’s approval of us is insidious, and cunning. It makes us lie to save face. It permeates our thoughts and affects our moods. It steals our happiness and stunts […]

Day 40 (3 Apr 2020) – Living with purpose

These two texts are used as the basis of the proposition that God has a purpose for each individual believer and living out that purpose creates a meaningful and fulfilled life. When you think about it every generation has its own set of problems unique to that time, and God calls on each generation to […]

Day 39 (2 Apr 2020) – Balancing your life

Each moment is a gift from God, and that makes every moment weighty, valuable beyond belief! Not only is it valuable, but I am accountable to God for how I live this gift. But Jesus calls me not to a life lived under a burden of this weight. Quite the opposite, Jesus says His burden […]

Day 36 (30 Mar 2020) – Made for a mission

The Blues Brothers told everyone they were on a mission from God. They meant people to take their plan seriously. Jesus has sent me to continue his mission on earth – now that’s powerful! God gave him a mission and in this verse he dedicates his followers to that mission. This verse reminds me that […]

DAY 2 (25 Feb 2020) – You are not an accident

This verse brings great encouragement – even if it’s hard to understand that God was caring for me before I existed!  The word of God does the work of settling my soul and revealing truth to me. His word contends with the lies because, sadly, when I first read this verse, I started to argue […]