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Friday 18 August, 2017

In this passage Paul is emphasising to the Philippians something he had previously taught them.  Using somewhat colourful language he reminds them not to be pressured into the old testament practice of circumcision as it was simply an allegory of the true work God is doing, that is ‘the circumcision of the heart’. The Lord […]

Wednesday 7 December, 2016

We have a fascination with last words. A Google search returns dozens of lists of memorable last words. Some are witty. Others are foolish. Most reflect whatever had been the most important part of their lives. And then there are David’s beautifully poetic last words … The consequence of a life in right relationship with […]

Tuesday 6 December, 2016

Throughout this whole song David acknowledges that God is the one who has made him, kept him alive & will continue to be faithful to him & his family forever. Verse 26 seems to set this whole section of David’s praise … To those who are faithful He is faithful. This was certainly true of […]

MONDAY 5 December, 2016

This psalm was written earlier in David’s life and seems to be included here to reflect back on his life. After a seemingly endless series of struggles against enemies intent on destroying David: from Philistine giants and almost every nation surrounding Israel, to his own king and father in law, Saul, and his son, Absolom, […]

SUNDAY 4 December, 2016

When David went down with his men to fight against the Philistines, he became exhausted and almost got killed by Ishbibenob one of the descendants of Rapha. But, Abishai came to rescue David and killed the Ishbibenob. Then Saph, Goliath the Gittite and another a man of great size with 6 fingers and toes and […]

SATURDAY 3 December, 2016

In this passage, the impact of Saul reminds me that no matter what the intensity of zeal I have stirring up within me, this is no justification for me going against solemn words of promise before God, and before people. Clearly, God considers words of solemn promise before Him and before people binding. Binding to […]

FRIDAY 2 December, 2016

David continues to have to fight to draw the people of His kingdom together. This time tantamount to a civil war is breaking out. He deals with the rebellion of Sheba swiftly sending men to squash the rebellion. At this time – Joab serves David well by having a clear sense of his purpose. When […]

Thursday 1 December, 2016

Admitting you are wrong can be painful and awkward. The tribe of Judah certainly struggled here! I find that I am the same – when I have done wrong in the past, I am aware that I have done some or all of the following to avoid the pain and awkwardness: 1) Blamed someone else […]