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Day 34 (28 Mar 2020) – Thinking like a servant

I enjoy period dramas and historical fiction, and in these types of novels and films, servants are quite common characters. The ideal servant is fiercely loyal to their master/mistress, dependable, trustworthy, full of integrity and highly skilled in their role. It is this combination of qualities that makes them hard to replace. These servants have […]

Day 33 (Mar 2020) – How real servants act

James and John have come to Jesus asking for positions of honour in the kingdom of God. The other disciples became angry when they hear about it. (Perhaps they wanted same thing.) So, Jesus corrects their thinking, turning their concept of greatness on its head. He shows the way: the one who truly is the […]

Day 32 (26 Mar 2020) – Using what God gave you

What a great work the Lord has done in our lives.  We are fashioned by Him for His glory and some of that glory comes through our service.  Each with a unique set of gifts, talents, temperament and personality so that we can bring Christ’s light to those in our communities.  To be honest there […]

Day 28 (22 Mar 2020) – It takes time

Christian discipleship and growth is an interesting thing. I actually have to remind myself that I am in God’s hands, which means I’m in His timing and following His lead. Often it’s seems that I like to disciple myself – that I think I know what I should focus on or fix or improve in […]

Day 26 (20 Mar 2020) – Growing through temptation

Temptations and trials, they are part of our human existence. We all have them but rather them being situations that make life difficult for us or at best annoying, James 1:12 tells us that enduring them will ultimately give us life. As a young Christian I knew exactly what my temptations were and I didn’t […]

Day 25 (19 Mar 2020) – Transformed by trouble

My purpose in life is in part shaped by the trials and challenges I face. And it’s not just the “Holy” trials or “Big” tests that transform us. All troubles are achieving something for us through God’s intimate attention and transforming power in our lives. That ‘something’ is eternal and glorious, something that makes troubles […]

Day 24 (18 Mar 2020) – Transformed by truth

When I think of transformation in the Bible I think of stories like that of Zacchaeus (Luke 19), who after an encounter with Jesus went from greedy thief to insanely generous. I think of Paul (Acts 9) who after an encounter with Jesus went from murdering Christians to building the church. When I think of […]

Day 23 (17 Mar 2020) – How we grow

God wants us to grow in spiritual maturity. Yes to grow in our knowledge and understanding of Christ but also to actually become more Christlike…..to think like He did, to act like He did, to copy who He was. So how do we practically do that? We start by making a commitment. By being intentional. […]