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Saturday 19 January, 2019

What a beautiful prayer by a person who has confidence and patience to trust the LORD to hear and forgive. The picture I get is of restoration (v4). Waiting can be hard. Waiting for God to act to bring something to pass or to give us wisdom or an answer to prayer is also sometimes […]

Friday 18 January, 2019

“But” can be such a transformative word. “My enemies have beaten me down” is transformed by “but” from a statement of despair into a declaration of hope: “they haven’t won”. The hopelessness of being “tied up with ropes” is turned around by “but the Lord sets me free”. It’s really easy to understand the psalmist’s […]

Thursday 17 January, 2019

The promise here is that those who fear God and walk in obedience to Him will be blessed. God’s part is to bless us, to give us good gifts (whether physical or spiritual) and our part is to deeply respect Him and walk in obedience to Him. Walking is our everyday default mode of transport, […]

Wednesday 16 January, 2019

I love this psalm – it is like a thunder clap that resounds in my ears: “is God in this?” Because if he is, I am labouring with purpose, meaning and confidence that God will take my efforts and make them stand for something beautiful, something God wants to support. If he is not, then […]

Tuesday 15 January, 2019

This psalm reflects on how the Israelite’s had come out of exile. They remember how God restored them to their home city – it was amazing, they couldn’t believe it. Their hearts were filled with joy and laughter. As I read this Psalm, I am reminded of how I feel when God acts on my behalf. My heart is filled with […]

Monday 14 January, 2019

As I understand it, the Hebrew people would sing the psalms of ascent (which this is one) as they climbed the mountain of Zion towards the temple. I am not sure if there are direct similarities, but I must say that I love listening to worship music when I am on a journey. There is […]

Sunday 13 January, 2019

David opens this Psalm, with the question, “WHAT if God had not been on our side”? That’s not something that we think about. We always encourage each other saying that God is for us not against us. That he is our provider, he is our healer, he is our saviour, he is! It’s always he […]

Saturday 12 January, 2019

I’m learning a lot about faith at the moment. I came to God through faith for my salvation. Now, though, I’m learning to live all the other parts of my life through faith. Paul had to say something similar to the Christians in the Galatian Church. (See Galatians 3:11) Faith looks up. Faith says “this […]

Friday 11 January, 2019

I couldn’t go past the first verse of this Psalm –  “I rejoiced with those who said to me, let us go to the house of the Lord”. I grew up going to church pretty much every Sunday of my life. I can’t say that I always rejoiced at the thought, but for the most […]

Thursday 10 January, 2019

Reading this passage I am struck by the contrast between the world and this walk in Christ. The world says be independent, self-reliant, face your fears and stare them down. But in Ps 121, I find that actually I face my battles with God, my protector, looking after me. There is not one moment of […]