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Saturday 11 July, 2020

What a classic case of being misunderstood or even mistreated by everyone. Hannah has a husband-sharing arrangement with Peninnah which was accepted cultural practice in her day, but just a headache of a practice. And open to getting a little warped – which in Hannah’s case meant a husband who favoured her and a fellow […]

Friday 10 July, 2020

I saw the cutest photo of a new baby recently. It brought to mind the vulnerability and newness of a new little one – new skin, new nails, new experiences, a new start! Paul’s focus in this final section of his letter is on grace which makes all things new. A new creation in Christ. […]

Thursday 9 July, 2020

Strong words from Apostle Paul – strong words we need to hear.  What are the influences on our lives and are they good and for God or are they designed to distract, divert and disrupt?? There are some who subscribe to the wisdom of man more than the wisdom of God.  I have always taken […]

Wednesday 8 July, 2020

One of my favourite passages – the description of the fruit of the Spirit. This is a reminder that God wants us to be amazing people who are full of love and kindness. It’s great to get a new way to think about these ideas God wants us to use to guide our lives. So […]

Tuesday 7 July, 2020

I read this scripture and felt immediately rebuked.  So many of these “cravings/attitudes” I can see in my life. In this season of Covid19 in isolation and lockdown; I feel like there has been so much in my world trying to “salvage”, to plan, to prepare, to focus, to refocus, that I feel as though […]

Monday 6 July, 2020

Do you ever get distracted or find yourself getting absorbed by something other than what you’re supposed to be doing?! I know I do. Sometimes we need a reminder to get back on track and to refocus. Today, I find this passage is just that: a reminder or wake-up call to spiritual living. The Galatians […]

Sunday 5 June, 2020

A girl aged 5 runs out of the school gates to be greeted by her mother. The first trembling words from her lips “he called me ugly” indicating a boy aged 5 from her class. Girl’s mother speaks to boy’s mother regarding comment made. A few days pass. The girl receives a handwritten note from the […]

Saturday 4 July, 2020

Every time I think of the last verse in this passage “it’s for freedom that Christ has set us free”, I think of a particular worship song that is very catchy and often gets caught in my head after hearing or singing it. But if I truly think about these words, that Christ has set […]

Friday 3 July, 2020

There is such passion in Paul’s tone, he is so emotive in his language and you can hear the urgency in his voice. He desperately wants the Galatians to stay on track in following Jesus.  It’s a reminder that when we care deeply for others and want to see them flourish we will suffer, and as […]

Thursday 2 July, 2020

God is not a formula. I remember when I was a young Christian I would freak out that if I hadn’t read my Bible for the day then my whole day would unravel. In truth I was turning God into a formula and had yet to understand the depth of relationship God wanted with me. […]