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Tuesday 20 February, 2018

What an amazing testimony – what unwavering faith! I love that Paul could say with confidence I have done what Christ asked of me.  I want the same testimony over my life where I can say with confidence I have fought the good fight and finished the race.  That takes confidence, faith, perseverance, purity… Lord, […]

Monday 19 February, 2018

Paul in this passage is giving Timothy his last ever command that we have recorded – Preach the word – proclaim the message. Proclaim the message – none of us really can escape that one. Even more of a challenge to me has been the last phrase in verse 5. It’s been sitting with me […]

Sunday 18 February, 2018

“All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work.” […]

Saturday 17 February, 2018

Wow – this is a very descriptive warning for me to attend to. It reads like a synopsis of a TV drama. It is a description of things commonly observed around me. I read it and take note of the warning from Paul – but there is something else that strikes me here – in […]

Friday 16 February, 2018

With the clever imagery of a large household Paul describes the many articles in use – ‘articles of gold and silver for noble purposes’ and ‘wood and clay for ignoble purposes’. To be an ‘instrument for noble purposes’ we must ‘abstain from wickedness’ {v19} and pursue or strive for the fruit of the Spirit – […]

Thursday 15 February, 2018

I take three things from this passage of Scripture: Avoid useless arguments over words and stop talking about unimportant things. ie. “Don’t sweat small stuff”. The reason Paul says this is because not only will it lead you astray but those in your hearing as well. We don’t want to turn people away from the […]

Wednesday 14 February, 2018

In this last letter to Timothy I see Paul sharing his heart with his “son”, friend and co-worker as never before – writing his own short biography – this is who I am and what I’ve done and why – now passing his mantle to Timothy. Verse 9 – “The word of God is not […]

Tuesday 13 February, 2018

I like how cryptic Paul is sometimes. His original readers must have looked at each other in bewilderment at times and asked “what does he mean by that?” This passage is one of those. Paul encourages us to face suffering like a soldier, an athlete and a farmer. Soldiers are tough and focused. They don’t […]

Monday 12 February, 2018

Seeing someone in hospital, writing a letter to someone mourning, texting someone who needs encouragement, praying for the needs of others. These all can seem like small actions. Yet these are the efforts that move the Kingdom forward. Onesiphorus refreshed Paul when he really needed it, Paul the man who wrote the most letters contained […]

Sunday 11 February, 2018

What has been entrusted to you from God that you are to guard?  Paul reminded Timothy to keep as a pattern of sound teaching that he had given to him, what he had entrusted to him.  Clearly Paul thought this was under attack.  It may have been because here is the Apostle, the teacher now […]