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Saturday 29 January, 2022

What a powerful encouragement that I have found to be so true in life. What I find most intriguing is that these actions come from a desire within. It is important to keep our desires in line with what God desires! The opposite statements could be made to illustrate how important this passage is too. […]

Friday 28 January, 2022

I’ve often wondered about these words from Jesus, and the connection between judging others and protecting what is sacred. It seems like two different streams of thought, unrelated to each other. But let’s follow Jesus’ flow of teaching for a moment… Jesus wants for all people not to perish but to be saved for eternity […]

Thursday 27 January, 2022

Materialism is the overemphasis of the importance of physical, material things. Madonna sung that we are living in a material world, but our culture is so immersed in materialism that it’s actually easy to miss how much we emphasise the importance of material things. Even though I don’t agree with materialism, and I try hard […]

Wednesday 26 January, 2022

God knew that life would have many challenges.  I look at the changes in the world in my lifetime and I am amazed.  Whoever would have thought we could “mail” messages with instant replies, rather than by post taking weeks each way.  Whoever would have thought we would be able to talk to family around […]

Tuesday 25 January, 2022

“When you fast” – I can’t get past this first phrase.  “When” – not “if”, not “perhaps if you fast”; not “on the occasions when things are really difficult and you need to get God’s attention” but “when”.  The presumption of Jesus is that fasting is a normal element of the Christian life.  In fact, […]

Monday 24 January, 2022

One of the things I have always appreciated about the Bible is just how practical it can be. Prayer can be challenging at times for all believers, regardless of spiritual maturity, and often it becomes something we overthink or complicate. How helpful it is to have a guide such as this, detailing a clear way […]

Sunday 23 January, 2022

Motives can be such troublesome squirmy things. If I am generous because I want people to praise my generosity, it’s an expression of my self-focus (not my generosity). If I’m recognised as being generous, my goal has been satisfied. But it’s an empty, worthless goal. Jesus doesn’t say it’s bad – just that it’s shallow. […]

Saturday 22 January, 2022

I am a ‘good’ guy, with a strong sense of ‘justice’.  When someone does ‘wrong’ to me I start to dream about making things ‘right’ and delivering some ‘good justice’. To right wrongs done to me seems like such a natural thing to do. But it is not the way of life Jesus calls me […]

Friday 21 January, 2022

Jesus is continuing to correct misinterpretations of God’s law and character – how do we respond when we are hurt be it physical, emotional or financial?  Jesus is speaking to not just what has been taught to His audience but to our very natures. I know I have wanted to hurt others physically when they […]

Thursday 20 January, 2022

This passage challenges me to reflect on my heart. Matthew 5 is Jesus reinterpreting the Old Testament law to explain the spirit of the law. He helps us to understand the true intent of the law. That true intent is to do with internal and external holiness. Why is holiness concerned with oaths and validating […]