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Thursday 12 July, 2018

So much of our lives (time, effort, focus) revolves around bringing in money so that we can pay our bills. No longer living for today, we now save and plan for when we don’t work. Jesus says that it is difficult for a rich man or woman to enter the Kingdom Of God. Australia is […]

Wednesday 11 July, 2018

“When you fast” – I can’t get past this first phrase.  “When” – not “if”, not “perhaps if you fast”; not “on the occasions when things are really difficult and you need to get God’s attention” but “when”.  The presumption of Jesus is that fasting is a normal element of the Christian life.  In fact […]

Tuesday 10 July, 2018

Jesus makes clear that prayer is not a ritualistic act but a relational one. It is relationship between father and child. Therefore, it is important that I don’t try to make the Lord’s Prayer ritualistic, rather, it is like a reminder of who my Father is so that I am confident in my relational prayers […]

Monday 9 July, 2019

Motives can be such troublesome squirmy things. If I am generous because I want people to praise my generosity, it’s an expression of my self-focus (not my generosity). If I’m recognised as being generous, my goal has been satisfied. But it’s an empty, worthless goal. Jesus doesn’t say it’s bad – just that it’s shallow. […]

Saturday 7 July, 2018

Radical. Crazy. Delusional even. That’s how I first tend to think of this teaching of Jesus. What does Jesus mean for me to take away from what He’s saying here? Jesus appears to be speaking to what we are to do with those who have it in for us – who want to take our […]

Friday 6 July, 2018

In the chaos of life, it can be hard to find focus. Our lives place demands on our self and our time. This passage reminds me that I need to keep it simple, not just in my day to day but in my relationship with God. While God understands what we face, this is a […]

Thursday 5 July, 2018

This passage is another part of the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus wanted to get us all to understand how we can do or say one thing but think another and that both our doing and our thinking are important. God wants us to grow in character and to become more like Jesus. He wants […]

Wednesday 4 July, 2018

Jesus continues his teaching and addresses the issue of murder. But how relevant is murder to his audience? How relevant is it to us? I can’t say that I have knowingly met a murderer, and I certainly haven’t murdered anyone. But Jesus did what he usually does and makes this relevant to us by saying […]

Tuesday 3 July, 2018

It’s interesting that Jesus stresses he has not come to take away from any of what God had already done. Jesus is carrying on God’s great story, and is the living answer to the many prophecies from long ago. It reminds me that God is not interested in starting something, sketching it out, then crumpling […]