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Monday 12 April, 2021

“I want you to understand this mystery….” Ok, I’m intrigued. What is this mystery that Paul wants me to understand? Whatever it is, at least Paul says I can understand it. So, Paul says, once we were the rebels, now we are not. Once Israel were not the rebels, now they are, and this benefits […]

Sunday 11 April, 2021

In this passage Paul is continuing the theme of the special place God has for his people, Israel. No matter that they had rejected Jesus and therefore the gospel of salvation, Paul’s vision was “that all Israel will be saved” – 11v26. God has not moved onto Plan B, that being his church made up […]

Saturday 10 April, 2021

I am struck by the phrase “a remnant chosen by grace.” To me, it speaks clearly of God’s chief criteria for choosing us for Himself – His grace. In other words, it is nothing about me that draws Gods attention to me, but rather His grace that has drawn me into relationship with Him. It […]

Friday 9 April, 2021

As I ready today’s passage, I am reminded afresh of the importance of having the message of the Gospel fresh on my lips, with my heart on my sleeve, and my legs ready to move me to wherever I need to be to bring the message of hope that takes people out of the kingdom […]

Thursday 8 April, 2021

I can hear Paul’s passion – and frustration. It’s like he is pleading with the Jewish Leaders in the church in Rome “Guys, you are made right with God only by faith – not by keeping the law. You’re saved by faith, not by works. It’s always been by faith”. He even quotes some Old […]

Wednesday 7 April, 2021

In this passage, Paul talks about the righteousness God offers us simply by us believing that Jesus is the Son of God and came and died as a sacrifice in our place. But unfortunately, sometimes, we can overcomplicate things by relying on our own efforts to please God. It can be tempting to have a […]

Tuesday 6 April, 2021

In this passage Paul addresses an age old question – if everything in this life is controlled by God and His choosing, then how can we be blamed for anything we do. If God is in control, does it even matter what I choose to do? Paul replies that is it arrogant of us to […]

Monday 5 April, 2021

This is not exactly the easiest passage of scripture to understand, the workings of Gods’ sovereignty and man’s free will. Theologians have debated this for centuries. So, what can I take from it? Paul has a huge heart for his brother Israelites to come to faith in Jesus as Messiah/saviour. Ancestral lineage does not automatically […]

Sunday 4 April, 2021

This passage is a familiar and amazing statement of our faith. We have been rescued at a great cost – Christ death for us – so there is no way God will abandon us now. His love continues and nothing that happens will stop him loving us. This means he is not responsible for bad […]

Saturday 3 April, 2021

This passage of scripture makes me want to breathe a sigh of relief.  God’s Spirit helps us in our weakness when we don’t know how to pray.  This applies to me so often! I find it very comforting to know that I don’t need to have all the right words to pray.  Have you ever felt […]