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Sunday 5 August, 2012

Jesus opening statement is so obvious; I have often wondered why He even says it. Of course you don’t put a lamp under a basket! But that’s the point, Jesus is saying how stupid can you get – lights are meant to out on display, they are meant to impact the whole room and they […]

Saturday 4 August, 2012

Amazing things, demand a response. Jesus uses 2 examples from Jewish history.  The Ninevites, who were a much feared and hated gentile people and the queen of the south – queen of Sheba – a gentile woman.  Neither of these missed what God was doing in their day and responded even though they were not […]

Friday 3 August, 2012

Wow, most of us would think how blessed Jesus’ mother Mary was to have been chosen to bear the Son of God. We would hardly dare to compare ourselves to her in the special blessing she received with that calling.  But Jesus turns it around here in this statement and says to each one of […]

Thursday 2 August, 2012

This passage is about Jesus’ authority. Is he casting out demons by Satan’s authority or God’s? Jesus soundly refutes the argument that he is casting out demons by Satan’s power, but then presents them with an alternative. If he is doing it by the “finger of God”, then the kingdom of God has come upon […]

Wednesday 1 August, 2012

In these verses from Luke 11, Jesus is speaking about the power of prayer & how we should never stop praying.  We need to keep asking, knocking and seeking – not giving up until we hear from God. buying cigars online My 4th Great-Grandfather came to Australia on the first fleet (he stole a book […]

Tuesday 31 July, 2012

One of Jesus disciples noted the way in which Jesus prayed.  He may not have heard what was said but he knew Jesus had a special and deep relationship with his heavenly Father.  The disciple also wanted to pray like this, hungry for a relationship with God.  Jesus was willing to give him some direction. […]

Monday 30 July, 2012

Martha and Mary offered hospitality to their friend Jesus.  Martha is busy preparing the food while Mary sat listening to Jesus as he talked. Martha is grumpy that she’s left with all the work. Upset, Martha asks Jesus if He doesn’t care that she is doing all the work, she presumes to tell Jesus what […]

Sunday 29 July, 2012

I think the moral of this interaction with Jesus should be “never try and test Jesus, He’ll give you a royal smack-down of challenging truth.” Such a great parable of Jesus, with everyday application and implication. A man who gets attacked and robbed finds himself in sudden, unforseen, and desperate need. And the Samaritan man […]

Saturday 28 July, 2012

God wants to turn things upside down because He values all of us not just the powerful.  He speaks to those who are willing to listen.  How cool that the disciples got to see and hear Jesus.  They got to ask questions, they got to hear the answers.  How do you think they felt?  Do […]

Friday 27 July, 2012

Jesus sends out not just the 12 but a larger group of his disciples, to all the towns and villages he intends to go.  Again they were to proclaim ‘the kingdom of God has come near’ which includes curing the sick.  He prepares them for the fact that not all will listen to them even […]