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Tuesday 8 February, 2022

This passage is such a great portrayal of Jesus’ compassion, authenticity & humility. He saw the man who was unable to walk, and spoke to him that he should not lose hope. He then tells him that his sins are forgiven and later in the passage goes on to heal him physically, showing great love […]

Monday 7 February, 2022

This passage tells the story of Jesus casting a legion of demons out of 2 men living in a gentile area. We’re not told if these men are Jewish or gentile, it makes little difference really – their internal lives were in the midst of a storm, a demonic storm bringing nothing but torment, confusion, […]

Sunday 6 February, 2022

I have always been arrested by Jesus words here “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?”  I mean this was a storm in the middle of the lake, known to swamp boats and drown the occupants!  Who wouldn’t be afraid?  Yet Jesus is forthright, powerful and perhaps a little ‘ticked-off’.  Somehow Jesus had […]

Saturday 5 February, 2022

This chapter in Matthew is filled with Jesus healing many different people. It is evident that Jesus responds to each of these people and their individual needs with love and care. In the case of Peters’ mother-in-law, Jesus saw her and acknowledged her need. To Jesus, it did not matter that her illness may not […]

Friday 4 February, 2022

There are about 20 incidences of people receiving healing across the 4 Gospels, and it is likely that there were many other people who were healed by Jesus during his ministry that are not recorded in scripture.  There is something special and unique about this story of healing though. I find it an incredibly uplifting […]

Thursday 3 February, 2022

What a beautiful intimate moment between Jesus and the leper. All Jesus’ attention and energy was focused on this man for a few short minutes. But what transforming minutes these were. When Jesus met me at age 14 it was a transforming moment, when the knowledge I had of God completely changed into a relationship […]

Wednesday 2 February, 2022

These last paragraphs of chapter 7 bring to a close the last three chapters, the sermon on the mount.  Jesus gives us another brilliant word picture of storms and the foundations of houses, something his hearers were familiar with and today the imagery is not lost. He again is challenging us, storms will come, what […]

Tuesday 1 February, 2022

Have you ever bought a ‘knock off’? Looks like the real thing, may even work like the real thing, but lacks quality. It’s a fake. The copy might present well to start with but eventually the true colours of these products will be revealed. My integrity as a Christian needs to have high value. What’s […]

Monday 31 January, 2022

Things aren’t always what they appear to be. Jesus has just talked about a wide impressive looking gate that leads to destruction. In tomorrow’s passage he’ll talk about people who said they did all sorts of things in Jesus’ name, but he never knew them. Today he warns against people who claim to speak for […]