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Monday 18 May, 2020

I remember a distinct time in my life when I moved from being just a ‘disciple’ of Jesus to having a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit’s power in me. In this passage of scripture we read today that Paul met some people at Ephesus who were disciples. They had faith and repentance but had […]

Sunday 17 May, 2020

We are called to make disciples. That’s the goal – the call – one job – that Jesus left us with.  To be disciples making disciple makers! And it can take a variety of forms and have many different stages. I love this passage because Apollos was a mature Christian. He was teacher and preacher. […]

Saturday 16 May, 2020

Paul had been in Corinth for a while, after God had encouraged him to stay. But now it was time for Paul to continue on his journey. He visits a lot of cities, going from Corinth to Cenchrea, Ephesus, Caesarea, Jerusalem and Antioch. He then goes onto Galatia and Phrygia. While it doesn’t say how […]

Friday 15 May, 2020

It’s interesting to think about Gallio’s perspective on Paul’s activities. In one sense he saw it as it really was – a difference in ways of worshipping God. But in another sense, he saw if completely wrong – this was about very different understandings of God.  I regularly hear people talking about all religions being […]

Thursday 14 May, 2020

Going next door is fairly common in communities all over the world.  Here Paul is not received well in the Synagogue, so he literally goes next door and plants a church in the house and the synagogue leader and family joins in! Even in rejection God makes a way.  All too often we can carry […]

Tuesday 12 May, 2020

The bible tells us that God has placed an innate knowledge in the heart of every human being to know of His existence. The people here in Athens knew there is a God and wanted to worship Him, but didn’t really know who He is, so Paul took the opportunity to explain a bit about God. […]

Monday 11 May, 2020

Paul didn’t intend to come to Athens. He had fled there from Macedonia because of opposition. He was just waiting for his friends to catch up. Athens must have seemed the most unlikely opportunity for the gospel. They were spiritually superficial: Paul was troubled by the idols to every possible deity they could find, including […]

Sunday 10 May, 2020

Here we have people who are commended for two things: receiving the teaching of the word with eagerness, and also examining the scriptures to see if what Paul was teaching was correct. This is a good model for us of how we should respond to teaching. We should be (1) eager to receive and learn […]

Saturday 9 May, 2020

Paul and Silas had made their way to Thessalonica and were preaching the good news of Jesus. Amongst the listeners, were God fearing Jews. Paul reasoned and explained and proved that Jesus was the Messiah that they had been waiting for. Some believed but some were jealous. Those that were jealous struggled to accept the […]

Friday 8 May, 2020

I love the audacity that Paul had. He knew who he was in this situation and His audacity was based on his citizenship – Paul was a Roman Citizen. What about my citizenship? Because of Jesus I am a citizen of Heaven.  I have the highest possible standing – I am a co-heir with Jesus […]