The Bible in Context – Going Deeper Seminar

What is the evidence that the events recorded in the Bible actually took place? What responsibility do we as Christians have to know the Bible?

Dr. Kyle Keimer, Lecturer in the Archaeology of Ancient Israel at Macquarie University’s renown school of Ancient History will be presenting a three-part series addressing these and other questions by exploring the biblical text in context.

From the original setting of many of the events recorded in the Bible to what the Bible says specifically, and from the earliest oral traditions about ancient Israel to the point when the Bible became an actual book, these sessions will draw upon the various tools at our disposal for understanding and interpreting the Bible. The goal of this series is to equip readers of the Bible with a foundation for further study of God’s word and for further conversations about God.

In the first seminar on Sunday 26th March, Kyle will look into the Geography, Archaeology and Background to the Bible. In the second session on 30th April, Kyle will look into the History of the Bible; and in the third seminar on May 21 Kyle will look at the Bible as Literature.

There is no cost to attend these seminars, however please email to register:


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