I have had the honour and privilege to speak to a handful of wise, faithful people in the period of their life where they are preparing to depart this life.

The tone in today’s passage is similar to what I have heard in the voices of those who have now departed. The imminence of heaven makes it very real, but the sweetness of what is to come is mixed with the bitterness of having to leave behind loved ones and, perhaps, work unfinished.

The reality is though that all of us should be living with our eyes and hope fixed on the life that is to come, on the new Jerusalem. But not just sitting around and waiting for the next thing to happen, engaging in bringing God’s kingdom to earth.

I have lately been reading up on the Greek word “Teleios” which is used in the bible and also has its roots in Plato and Aristotle. The bible seems to assert that humans are “Teleiological” meaning we are driven by a higher purpose and we are heading towards an end, that is tied to that purpose. We are going somewhere, and we need to be meaning where we go, because our destination has meaning!

Lord, help me to remain true to the purpose that you have called me. Help me to work towards the prize and the final destination that I know you have promised me.

Written by Ps Justin Ware