Presence Conference 2017

Date: Tuesday 24th - Friday 27th April

Location: ICC, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Presence Conference 2018 is coming up in April this year. It’s an amazing opportunity to gather with C3 churches from around the globe to hear from influential voices (including Jentezen Franklin, Erwin McManus and John Gray), experience worship with Martin Smith and hang out with friends for the week!

For more information and to register online, please visit the Presence Conference website

Guest Speaker Ps. Quinton Litchfield

Date: Sunday 29th April

Time: 9am, 10.30am & 5.30pm services

Location: Carlingford High School Hall

On Sunday 29 April Ps. Quinton Litchfield from C3 Church Malmo will be preaching in our Sunday Services.  It’s ten years since we sent Quinton and the Litchfield family out to plant a church in Malmo, Sweden.  This is a not to be missed Sunday to hear about what God has done through the church in Malmo!

Mother’s Day Services

Date: Sunday 13th May

Time: 9am, 10.30am & 5.30pm services

Location: Carlingford High School Hall

Join us on Sunday 13th May as we celebrate Mother’s Day! These special services are designed to honour & celebrate the mothers & women in our church!

For more information, contact the church office: 9875 0300

Search For Life

Date: Weekly for 10 weeks from Thursday 3rd May

Time: 7.30pm

Location: Ministry Centre

Search for Life is a powerful course that helps you to improve the way you think about yourself and the world around you.

As humans, we are all spectacular, puzzling, brilliant and broken.

Imagine if you could better understand the contradictions that exist in your world. Imagine if you were able to better grasp the reasons behind our universal need for acceptance, value and belonging.

Search for Life is a 10-week course for both men and women that helps you understand the way that you are wired and why you may react to things in a particular way.  Building from a biblical basis, the course will then give you keys to living a more healthy lifestyle in terms of your thought-life and behaviours. Registrations are due by Mon 30th April.

To register your interest or for more information, contact Ps. Jen at the church office 02 9875 0300

The Alpha Course

Date: May 2018

Do you have questions about faith & Christianity? The Alpha Course is designed to help you explore Christianity in a safe & welcoming environment, where you can ask questions and meet others. The next Alpha Course will be running soon, please express your interest by 25th April by contacting Ps. Sue Botta at the church office: 02 9875 0300


eQuip with Guest Speaker Claire Madden

Date: Wednesday 16th May

Time: 7.30pm

Location: Ministry Centre

Ever wondered what’s a Millennial and who’s a Gen “Z”?  Ever wondered why a Builder is a spend thrift and a Boomer is so darn competitive?  Ever thought about how to speak their language to reach them with Jesus?

Claire Madden, one of Australia’s leading experts on generational differences, will be speaking at our next eQuip Meeting on Wednesday 9 May.  Claire is sought after by corporations and the media to comment on the trends and characteristics of the various generations in our nation.  At eQuip she will be “Talking about my Generation” to give us insights in how to reach the generations with the Gospel.

eQuip is for everyone across the church engaged in Ministry and Claire is not to be missed.  Her humorous and insightful presentation will engage and inform everyone to understand and speak to those around us.

Monthly Prayer Meetings

Date: 1st Wednesday of each Month

Time: 8pm

Location: Ministry Centre, 7 Loftus Rd Pennant Hills


C3 Church Carlingford gathers together for a powerful hour of prayer on the first Wednesday night of each month, starting at 8pm at the Ministry Centre, 7 Loftus Rd, Pennant Hills.



Upcoming Dates for 2018:

Wednesday 17th January

Every Wednesday in February for Vision Month prayer

Wednesday 7th March

Wednesday 4th April

Wednesday 2nd May

Wednesday 6th June

Wednesday 4th July

Wednesday 1st August

Wednesday 5th September

Wednesday 3rd October

Wednesday 7th November

Wednesday 5th December


Prayer Requests & Praise Reports

Date: 2018

We have launched a new prayer Initiative across the church where in every service we will be praying for the prayers requests of the congregation.  The request can be for yourself, a family member, colleagues, friend, neighbour… It can be for anything, salvation, healing, provision…

So why not take a moment now and click on the button HERE and fill in your prayer request or give us an Answered Prayer Praise Report!