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Friday 20 January, 2017

This Psalm in my Bible is titled ‘A Prayer of Trust in God’. I have been a Christian since I was a child. Yet I still find that trusting God everyday, in all situations, can be a challenge. Reading this Psalm is such an encouragement, I love the way David prays – he is raw […]

Thursday 19 January, 2017

David has been saved from death and here he praises God. He looks at his past troubles and he declares that they are fleeting. That God has turned mourning to dancing, and sorrow to joy. That dancing and joy will be his everlasting experience. I love verse 5, that reminds me what God is like; […]

Wednesday 18 January, 2017

What a mighty Psalm.  You can hear the ‘roar’ of God.  When I was reading this a song came to mind…”oh how He loves us…” His voice – echoes, is powerful, is majestic, splits the might cedars, strikes with bolts of lightning, rules…..  He is all powerful. The one who spoke the world into being […]

Tuesday 17 January, 2017

This is a prayer that calls on God for help, the foundation and hope of the prayer is completely based on God’s character. That God sees the truth and judges fairly, that God is faithful to his promises to his people, that God is interested in strengthening those who turn to him. These are the […]

Monday 16 January, 2017

This Psalm contains some serious encouragement in the face of opposition! David explains who God is and what he has done. He also expresses his utmost desire to remain in God’s house all his days and the reasons why and how best to respond to God in his house. The final verses encourage us to […]

Sunday 15 January, 2017

In this psalm, David is humble before God and expresses his need and desire for Him. Although David is also assertive and confident in his requests. This shows that he is walking in faith and has no doubt in what God is able to do. Whilst I am encouraged by this, I am also challenged […]

Saturday 14 January, 2017

In verse 7 the psalmist asks God to ‘not remember’, or in other words, to ‘forget’, the sins of his youth and his rebellious ways. Instead of recalling to mind his past sins, the psalmist entreats God, ‘according to your love remember me.’ The NLT expresses it in these terms, ‘Remember me in the light […]

Friday 13 January, 2017

This Psalm is a call for us to have the right picture of God. To understand His place in the world. It is good to be reminded of God’s power and His place. It is easy to get distracted. He created this place and all of us. It is He we need to go to […]

Thursday 12 January, 2017

If there ever was a Psalm for our age, Psalm 23 is it. Our age which is time poor, non-stop productive, 24hr internet connected, 7-day-a-week worked and continuously busy. Psalm 23 is a baulk ward counter-point to these modern themes – a mantra for rest and nourishment in God’s presence. Stop and be reminded of […]

Wednesday 11 January, 2017

This Psalm is painful to read. The anguish conveyed by the author is palpable. But who is the Author? It’s King David, approximately 1000 years before the birth of Christ. So the question that I have to ask is this: Was David writing about his own suffering and persecution, or was he describing a vision […]