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Tuesday 10 January, 2017

I love how King David is unashamedly and passionately acknowledging in this Psalm that his success, his strength and his prosperity come from God. As a man of power, the King of a nation, it would be tempting for David to believe that his achievements are a result of his own doing. Yet he places […]

Monday 9 January, 2017

What an interesting psalm. It was written by David, the king, to be sung by others about the king. It’s like David is saying to his people “this is how you can encourage me. This is how you can pray for me” It makes me wonder how do I pray for my leaders? When I […]

Sunday 8 January, 2017

It’s amazing what enlightened eyes see. The writer has by the grace of God, been given eyes to see His God, to connect with Him … and then, wherever he looks, all over creation, He recognises the finger prints of his Father. Sometimes just focusing on the natural beauty around us can bring us back […]

Saturday 7 January, 2017

I love all the metaphors and imagery in this passage. The writer David could have used a more factual style of writing, simply stating something like – I know that things look bad right now, but God is stronger than my enemies and will help me get through it, so I’m not going to worry. […]

Friday 6 January, 2017

In this Psalm of pleading and crying out to God by David for Him to deal with his enemies, there are two verses that stand out to me. These verses I believe portray the very simple, but profound prayer of our life. The first . . . V8 “Keep me as the apple of your […]

Thursday 5 January, 2017

There are so many thoughts in this Psalm worth meditating on, but it is vs 3 that is standing out for me. When we think of heros, it is usually people who have done something amazing, or have a superpower. These kinds of hero’s are hard to relate too, it’s a fantasy, good in a […]

Wednesday 4 January, 2017

The first 2 opening questions are helpful in reminding me that we are not equal to God and do not deserve relationship with Him. He is perfect, blameless, without fault… and we are a motley bunch of people. A mixture of good intentions, pride, creativity, selfishness, love and pettiness. And even the good in us […]

Tuesday 3 January, 2017

I find this Psalm quite hard to read, possibly due to its accurately chilling assessment of the failures of humankind. But I am incredibly thankful that David wrote it and that it was meticulously recorded and handed down from generation to generation, archived and transcribed for thousands of years. I am thankful that I get […]

Monday 2 January, 2017

This Psalm of David has three sections that move through a progression- 1. Five lines of lament over his troubles 2. Four lines of prayer to God for help 3. Three lines of praising God This is a really good model for us to follow when we experience troubles. We start by honestly expressing our […]

Sunday 1 January, 2017

When I encounter lying and malicious people it can be very easy to take justice into my own hands. I meditate on how I will ‘correct’ the situation and fixate on justice being done. I see here a better way to respond. By crying out to the Lord, I am involving God in the situation. […]